Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Second Daughter Update

Great News!
We got the test results back and she does not have HNPP.
A surprise, I was expecting it to be positive.  The neurologist thinks it must have just been an isolated injury or incident causing the weakness.  At her followup when she gave us the results her strength had returned and was having no other symptoms.
Another surprise, I love knowing!  We have questioned getting them tested but I am so thankful we did.  I can relax with her.  She can be in competition sports if she wants to, she can be an athlete if she wants to.  A few days before her test results she participated in school field day.  I was helping out and had great fun watching her.  She was one of the best at long jump and loved doing it over and over again.  I felt some hurt in my heart watching her wondering about her physical future.  We are so happy for her now.  When we returned from the followup visit she kept leaping across the room telling me how she was going to train for the Olympics.  I don't expect anything like that but it was fun for her to feel like she could.  She felt unlimited in her dreams and abilities.
Another surprise, it was more expensive this time around.  Same insurance, same company used, but it cost a lot more.  I called around but the only answer I got from someone was that it could be the time of year the test was done.  No idea what that means and I ran out of time to research any further so we just paid it and moved on.  I still think I would love to know about each of them but the same questions come up.  Is it better for them ultimately if they are positive?  The increase in cost has held me back as well.  So, we will continue on and see if anything comes up and go from there.